Vicki being The Girl, part III

The new edits about whether Vicki is the girl form Dale's past or not are working out really well. I'm writing some really good, emotional stuff.

There's one snag left. In her surgery for the second session, when they end up sleeping together, there has to be some event or reveal that she mentions which makes Dale realise – suddenly and unmistakably – that she's the girl.

The only two things I can thing up which makes any sense to the plot are the plastic loveheart from the flowers and the blue dress. Anything else would just feel like a convenient plot contrivance.

Problem is the dress doesn't work because Vicki wouldn't remember it, and the loveheart doesn't work because even if she has it doesn't prove anything – the flowers could have come for her friend at work rather than her.

But I'm about halfway through the edits to each section concerned, so I feel pretty confident something will pop out at me. I'm so confident the construction around it is all there and very solid – I just don't know what it is. So far it's called THE REVEAL! in red bold and italic text.