Vicki being The Girl, part II

Well I've gone right through the manuscript and sketched out what has to happen and where for The Girl Problem to be fixed (sounds like a great title for a novel in itself).

Happily it shouldn't mean any extra chapters or too much rejigging – I can do it all in the structure that's already there.

Dale still has to be sure it's Vicki because of something sudden, and that also explains why they sleep together the first time in her surgery. Vicki being the girl also explains why she sleeps with him as well – partly to keep the fear and nightmares of her own about the bridge away.

Then the evolution of what they both believe about her being the girl feels more batural. She gradually talks Dale out of it because of how little sense it makes right up until she has the vision at Circular Quay during the experiment with Tim.

I'm also giving Dale a much better reason to go back to the bridge with Tim at the end – something tangible that makes him believe Vicki's there and needs him. At the moment it's just a nightmare he wakes from and then something he sees in the real world that makes him think so.

I'm not sure what I have is good enough at anchoring something else in the plot – at the moment it's just a lipstick message in a mirror that says 'help me' or something – but I'm sure something better will occur to me in the rewriting of those scenes. Something to do with The Faraway or the plastic lovehart or something.

But this is a major turning point in the actual writing. It's the last major plot problem to be worked out before the far more mechanical stage or proofreading, marking up etc.