Welcome to Falling, the dark, creeping horror of the classic haunted house story together with the incredible tools of near-future science to probe and measure the unimaginable.


The thoroughfares of a city are its cultural bloodstream, so when the chorus of 70,000 tons of metal and concrete rings out and an iconic bridge shudders, tears itself apart and crashes into the harbour it spans, it takes over 600 terrified commuters and tourists with it, becoming another bloodstained modern disaster destined to be long remembered.

Dale Milling is one of the lucky ones. 20 years after his catastrophic injuries, modern technology has given him a new lease on life – tentative and timid, but peaceful.

But when it's finally time to go back to the place he barely escaped with his life, it awakens a cyclone of terror and Dale's peace is shattered. Terrifying images prick at him, making him wonder if the horrors he thought he'd put to rest really are behind him. Worse still, Dale's haunted dreams might only be the beginning as nightmarish visions start appearing to those around him.


An ever-more specialised roll call of doctors, scientists and investigators are called in. The phenomena defy explanation and the terror builds until it seems the unthinkable has happened. The electromagnetic energy of thousands of terrified spirits has somehow become locked into the iron, the concrete and the very air. It becomes a vortex, a concentration of freak happenings that distort and manipulate space, time, matter... even people.

The dark force that emerges doesn't just seem to be aware and intelligent, it appears to have an unspeakable goal it can only reach by scaring you.

... and it knows what scares you.

A sweeping adventure of the paranormal in the technology age, Falling crawls with supernatural terror and explosive action. Grand gothic horror set in the bright lights and bustle of a modern metropolis five minutes in the future, it's a ghost story the likes of which you've never seen.