My biggest customer

After the review appeared in Sydney's Sunday Telegraph not long ago, I kept checking Falling's Amazon and Apple sale pages to see the sales rack up.

In the week or so that followed I sold a grand total of one copy, which could have been depressing but at least it was my first ever proper sale of a long form fiction book in my life, and considering I've wanted to be a working author since I was 13 it could have be worse.

But I got a huge shock of pleasant surprise more recently when I logged into the Amazon account to see I'd sold five copies of the paperback, and I'd only just finished getting it ready for sale.

I leapt up, preparing to run around the house telling everyone, when I suddenly realised that because of Amazon's stupid rule where you can only get proof copies of your paperback if you live in the US, I'd had to buy them like a normal customer.

So yes, I'd sold five copies of my book... to myself.