Reviews (or not)

Well it's not the Bram Stoker or Hugo award, but I have been featured in the Australian Self Publisher newsletter at

It came about because I'd got in touch with an old, old client, Bookseller and Publisher Magazine, about having Falling reviewed in their pages. The publisher, who I met once but never worked with (all the original editorial people I knew have long gone) said they couldn't because it had already been published, but that he'd give my name to the guy who runs the self publisher newsletter they have.

Speaking of reviews, I emailed the literary editor at The Australian newspaper, a guy called Stephen Romei. He's one of those people on my list to contact about Falling who was mentally filed under 'will probably never reply and mostly a waste of time', because my working relationship with him didn't end very well. Not that there was any acrimony, but he gave me a pretty scathing critique of the last review I did for him and said if I wanted to keep writing for him I had to get better (more or less).

I pitched him a few more times and never heard back, so assumed by the time he'd sent it he'd already subconsciously written me off.

Anyway when I sent him all the info on Falling he wrote straight back asking if it was a hard copy or only an ebook, making he think if it was in book form he'd review it. Turns out if I can produce one he'll send it to his reviewer, so it's time to log in to the Kindle account and see about making some POD copies.