EPUB and MOBI versions; not free.

A snag. Well, not really a snag, but a final hurdle I didn't know I'd come up against.

I thought converting a .doc file to .epub and .mobi was easy – there are so many free converters online, and I'd already done it half a dozen times to various versions to set links on the website and media kit, etc.

But when it came time to put one of them on a device to test... yeah, nah. If I'd thought a bit deeper beforehand I'd have realised that you get what you pay for out of anything online that's free...

But I've put a new job on Guru.com and am negotiating with what looks like some very capable people. I've got prices from professional conversion services online, and the whole thing looks like only being held up for a few days or a week while I decide who to use and get them onto it.