Going large

Well my strategy to get the picture of the new bridge right has evolved. After my experience and contacts in the film industry I've rustled up one or two pro CGI artists – I figured that they dothis sort of stuff for moving footage all the time (destroyed cities and buldings, etc) so it should be a snap for them to take a pic of bridge, Photoshop it out, paint/draw in a new one and make it photorealistic. I'm in contact with a couple of guys, and it's not likely to be cheap, but I think it'll be worth it.

I'm still not sure about the main cover pic but I was talking to a bestselling author I know just a few weeks ago describing the bridge pic and he suggested it should be the cover picture. I'm not entirely sure I described the whole strategy with the cover and the bridge pic well enough to do it justice but it gave me food for thought. After spending what will likely be several thousand dollars on it, is it worth putting on the cover?

Also my designer is now off work expecting a baby. I couldn't be happier for her but I feel a bit like I'm dangling in the wind. If I have to do all this myself I have enough confidence to do the cover and all the print work, but the online design is way beyond me at this stage after leaving that industry ten or more years ago.

Plus to be quite frank, she's much better than me, so I'd prefer she do it. I certianly can't complain because she was very excited and insisted on doing it all for free, but I really want to get this book finished and up for sale. In fact I wanted to do it by the end of this year, but there's not much chance of that.

I wish her nothing but the very best, and her having a baby is way more important than my stupid horror novel that'll probably go nowhere, but I have to sound her out. I might have to just use Squarespace or Wix and then pay her to do it all properly if there's any kind of financial success.