Reading on paper? That's just crazy

Now it's all in the reading. I've sent Falling off to a Staples to get it printed out entirely – 600 pages, two sides, Times New Roman 12 point font. It's a looooong book.

So now I'm sitting, red pen in hand, poring over every word. In case the editor friend doesn't come through in time or I'm too cheap to afford a proper editor or proofreader, myself and my beau reading it on paper is going to be the final edit.

Before you say anything, I know how stupid that is. I remember reading a blog post by Amanda Hocking, that famous-for-fifteen-minutes paranormal romance author who made a million dollars self publishing before she signed with a major.

She said one of the reasons she was doing it was because it gave her access to the proper editorial function inside a publisher. She said she'd paid an editor to do her original series and read it carefully herself and still realised later she'd missed stuff.

I'm 50 pages in and so far I've been pleasantly surprised at how few grammatical or spelling mistakes I've found. There's been some cosmetic tweaks and stuff to increase the drama of some sentences, but it's pretty clean.

Other friends have it and have read it/are reading it, one of them is a teacher and she's said she can't help but correct things, so hopefully that promises to yield more corrections.

But based on the pace I'm moving and depending on how far Mrs Falling reads it, I could be ready to apply the corrections in a month or so.