And... el fin

Finished. After over five years of deciding to complete a major rewrite of Falling and finally publish it, it's out being read with some friends, none of whom I expect to be honest but one of which is a professional editor, so I'll at least have a pro eye across it.

The final notes were to find somewhere for a phrase that came into my head one day and which I loved – 'a roiling cauldron of instinct and intent'. Coincidentally, I also saw a video online from Canada of the sound of giant horns emanating from the sky. It was very cool and haunting and it led me to research it more – it's very much a thing, attributed to everything from the coming of the four horsemen of the apocalypse to HAARP (look up 'the hum' online).

It was such a great visual and sonic meme I really wanted to find a place for it too, but after looking into a few spots I knew I'd just be shoehorning it in because I liked it rather than because it belonged. That's never a good reason to add something to a story and if I'm honest with myself it's probably also because I couldn't be arsed, I just wanted to finish and get started on the next phase.

And the next phase is to clean up and start writing intros and notes for all the DVD extras like cut scenes. I'm sure I'm not the first one to do it in a book like we nowadays do it for a movie, but I'm hoping for the same appeal – if a reader likes the story enough they're going to be interested in peeking behind the curtain and seeing more about the moving parts that put it together.

This is likely to take a couple more months realistically (I'm waiting for several people), but I'm still itching to get started and see it out in the world.