Still the final check

Well, 'nearly' was always a relative term in this endeavour. I did finish all the major rewrite notes, as I speak I'm going through each document checking all the 'ofs' and 'ors', which I find I can frequently get mixed up when I'm in the heat of the moment. I've checked for all 'its' and 'it's', have redone the chronology completely, checked that the first letters of each book still spell 'FALLDEAD' and redone the entity document so it adheres to the appearances of the supernatural in the story.

I'll read it once more myself and then send it out to some other people to read. One of them is my friend Paul, who's even offered to give it an edit, which I'm very grateful for.

I'm also thinking all the time about more people to send copies to to try and get testimonials, and also came to a conclusion I feel is important. I'm going to give as many copies as I can to people I know (or anyone who asks, really) for free rather than be rigid about getting money for every copy. I don't think a first novel is ever going to make my fortune, it should be an ad for itself and the rest of what I can do in order to build up a fanbase, and the best chance I have of that happening is to make the first priority about having people read it rather than pay for it.

I'm also going to price it really low – 99c of $1.09 or something, which I think will send a message saying 'I want you to have this, pirate it if necessary. If it ends up in the least successful or (God forbid) phenomenal, the money will come.

Anyway, lots of reading and farming out of reading to come, then I start design.