Spotting an invented word decades late

A funny thing that had survived all the way through from the first draft that I only just cut when I thought to look it up – the word 'dektagonal', used to describe the shape of the 50 cent piece that gouges into another coin the young Dale's pocket when he hits the ground.

There's actually no such word. It's actually 'dodecagon', which I found so unwieldy to say in my head in the context of the sentence I couldn't bring myself to use it. It made it sound just like I was really proud of myself for knowing what the word 'dodecagon' means.

Other than that, I got to the end of the of the major rewrite notes, from there it was only a matter of going through a page at a time and looking for the notes I'd been making in red all this time.

But one I came across in part 7, right after the expedition, tripped me up and prompted a major rewrite. In the original draft, Vicki read the story of the Haitian woman who bought the zombie up out of the grave and the teenage girl in country NSW who'd apparently prompted a poltergeist attack.

At the same time, Tim, was doing work on the data when looking at his own fridge prompted him to think about the Waylan Pakesh case, and when he looked into the guy's history again he realised he had an electronic prosthesis in his shoulder from a drunken accident.

It was good because Vicki and Tim both corroborated the new idea that the brace was the cause (one of pivotal motifs of the whole book), but I suddenly realised how all-too convenient it was that they both happened to be sitting around separately and come up with what they did at the same time.

By the same token I didn't want to put all the discovery on one character because both their perspectives contribute to the discovery.

I had to rewrite the section to have Tim come up with the idea and call Vicki, who then confirmed it thanks to research she'd already done (and did then and there on the phone with him).

The trickiest part of it was actually moving the whole Gilgandra girl section somewhere else. When you move such major sections just because you need them, the reader can spot it a mile off, as if you've installed a neon sign that says 'future exposition'.

So I moved it way back to before the expedition, right after Barry first arrives at the hospital to find Dale's been bought back from the dead.

Vicki's at work thinking about Dale's case and reads the passage about the poltergeist. She's sitting there thinking about it when she realises her phone's died – the EM burst of Dale coming back.

Doing all that also gives Tim more of a reason to come up with the frequency change thing that will play out in part 8, because he realises it's when the system around the brace gets to 58.45v that shit always goes bad.