Cutting and too much pasting

The joys of structural adjustments. After all the work I did in the last lot shifting scenes in part 8 after realising too much happened at once, I ended up with one particular sequence in two places. The scene where Vicki reads about the poltergeist episode in country NSW ended up in two places, and I didn't realise until I'd almost finished the rewrite of the section.

It worked out kind of for the best though, as there were two sequences that were a problem. The first was the Gilgandra sequence, and the other was the Haiti sequence, where she describes the anthropologist who witnesses the zombie exhumation.

Originally they were right after each other, and Tim realised the brace was the cause at the same time, so in older drafts I'd moved Haiti and Gilgandra away from each other so they weren't so obvious.

Then I moved Haiti somewhere else entirely, so when I figured out I had Gilgandra in two places I was able to move Haiti back to where one of them was – it had been a bit shoehorned in where I had it so it slotted in perfectly.

The end result – two sequences that support the brace theory, but nowhere near Vicki or Tim figuring out about the brace.

At this point I think I'm almost completely finished this more-than-three-year rewrite. The Gilgandra and Haiti thing came out of the notes I had scattered throughout the manuscript in bold red text, and they're in part 8, so I'm nearly at the end of the bold red notes.