A long time away

Well, that was a long absence. And how amazing that I've come back to this journal a year to the day since I left it.

The reason is because I've had nothing much to report. Not that a lot hasn't happened, but it can all be summed up in one word; rewriting.

The rewrite of the whole novel, which I seemed to get through so fast early on, ground almost to a halt as other commitments came up. But I kept at it, the pace got slower, it took longer to move ahead, and every time I attacked it I seemed to move a shorter distance.

But not long after Christmas 2010, I reached that line once more; 'and if there was one thing Tim needed, it was a good rest'.

I arrived there with lots more notes, which at this stage look like they'll take less time to get through, but it's not even close to there yet. What I have is essentially a first draft of the second major rewrite. I have a few people lined up to read it (and to be honest I'm not expecting impartiality, if they find the grammatical and spelling errors that'll be enough).

So little progress to report yet, but I hope things move apace soon.