Goddamn real life

Well, my plan to take the whole of January off to do the entire rewrite was …interesting. I had to go to Sydney the other week, which of course had an effect, but then I came back with so much piled up and work to do it quickly blew the last week out too, and now I have at least another week or work ahead of me. No cause for complaint as it pays the bills, but it's the unpublished writer's curse - we have to pay the bills somehow.

I got into this freelance writing thing to get some professional backing and a name as a writer but here's what they don't tell you when you start it - when it comes to sending stuff to publishers or agents, it doesn't make a lick of difference.

That sounds bitter, and it isn't. I can't put a price on the contacts and experience of the industry I've collected, but so far I haven't had a single inkling that a manuscript I've sent to a publisher has got any further because I list 30 magazine credits at the end of the letter.

So to be honest, it's served it's purpose, and all it's doing for me at the moment (apart from me being one of the lucky few who loves their job) is paying the mortgage – again, no cause for complaint.

So when I get over this hump of work I intend to put some more serious time into it. I flew through parts 1 and 2, part 3 needed a lot of work, and so has part 4. And that's as far as I got in just a couple of weeks. It might have been naïve to think I could do a whole rewrite of all eight parts in less than a month, but I got a good start and found a lot more to improve than I thought I would, which is what slowed it down. Again, that's no cause for complaint because it's a much stronger book now - it's the other writer's curse that nothing's ever finished because as your skills grow you'll see more faults with your work.