Finding weak spots

I worked on my notes some more and started fleshing out the storyboards more. When I've finishes this I'll have a sentence or a paragraph of every single scene including what happens in it, what it achieves and what it means is happening to the story (even though the reader might not know at that point).

I understand what writers say about writing your first draft just for your own amusement and just turning off your internal censor. The first draft is very much where you flow, just go along for the ride, enjoy what's happening and where it's taking you and feel tripped out by your own imagination.

But here is where I've attacked it methodically, like a publisher or editor, making sure it makes strength, shoring it up and raising the stakes.

And one thing it's doing to the whole manuscript, it's making it seem so much shorter and more manageable, like when I start on it it'll only be a few weeks work to get it perfect (I'm sure fate will disavow me of that notion) and ready.

The story I did for Bookseller and Publisher on distributors and how they're going in the bad economy still hasn't appeared. It's been so long the bloody economy's getting better, but that's okay. After chasing the editor Matthia a few times she emailed to say she's doing another job and Angela's taken over. She's the girl who does the reviews every month and seems nice, so I'll try to get her to run it, then I have a couple of distributor contacts to hit up for advice and business when the time comes.