Considering the tone

Lots of new ideas to strengthen the text, and as every writer knows (or finds out), now someone's pointed them out to me they're obvious.

I've had to separate a lot of chaff advice from the wheat, which feels good as I feel it shows my maturity and belief in my idea, like defending myself against the self publishing nay-sayer confidently. I also rang a grant organisation about applying and when I said 'self publishing' you'd think I'd said I was going to rape the woman's grandmother.

She ended up saying I should leave anything about self publishing off the application and I promptly dropped it in the bin when I hung up.

I wanted to be further along now, and this flies in the face of what I said to begin with about how the text almost doesn't matter, but I still want it as good as I can get it. I just have to keep in mind when I'm doing cuts and tightening that I never wanted this to be a hundred mile an hour thrill ride rollercoaster. I want a kind of cerebral – or at least considered – air. That way when people buy it expecting pulp horror they'll be pleasantly surprised. It's all in the marketing…