Drawing the skeleton

Well, I took all last week off and went through Falling like a dose of salts. I started with making a list of everything that had come out of the crit group, everything that had occurred to me that was related to what they'd bought up and every idea that had occurred to me since.

I didn't really have to storyboard it as I just used the chapter plan I sent to the critique group, and my aim was recreate the skeleton of the whole story with everything in place before I start actually rewriting.

First I got the premise straight in my mind, what the entity actually is, how it behaves, how it changes and why it does what it does. For the first time ever, I got down on paper and really straight in my head how it's just a big electronic circuit trying to close, and how Dale is both the conductor and the resistor.

Then it was a matter of stitching all eh ideas and fixes I needed to make to the plot. I had to catalogue all the paranormal phenomena and make them make sense according to the premise of the entity and what it wanted to do, so I've come as close to making it a character as ever, which is good I think because it'll give the human characters a more tangible antagonist.

Then I had to catalogue all the hospital stays, look for places to give the characters more dimensions and history and even fold two major characters into one.

I gave the heroine a lot more to do and even planned to make her the only ambiguous, enigmatic element of the story, so you're never really sure about her in relation to the history. I'm excited about it as I think it'll give it a single little David Lynch element.

I took all those notes on different elements that I'd improved upon by strengthening them or stitching them to the plot better and am now midway through building a huge new chapter plan. I plan to have it so comprehensively fleshed out and everything pre-planned the actual rewriting of it will be almost an exercise. Alfred Hitchcock used to say filming was the part of making films he liked least because he'd already done the whole thing in his head - shooting the actors was just going through the motions.

I don't know how long the actual rewrite will take, but I have Amanda who I met through the critique group, I'm going to try to get Adam to read it again by just giving him a few chapters at a time, and will ask Mat to go through it once more. I should get Wendy to read it to. Between five people we should catch everything.