Other eyes are hard to find

Well, the critique group nearly fell apart. They've all been submitting short stories and when I submitted the synopsis and asked how many chapters I should submit it sparked of a momentary 'should we deal with novels' debate.

Everyone settled on submitting a detailed chapter listing, which is a start and I still think may lead to a good lot of comment and suggestions.

Adrianne also sent me a few pages of her tentative design and I'm going to be even more embarrassed to send her my own stuff now.

But I did start talking to a few distributors, and one in particular (Dennis Jones & Associates) caught my fancy. The way the guy I interviewed for the Bookseller and Publisher story described it they almost select projects to take on based on the model of a publisher - if it's good quality, well made, edited, etc, they're more likely to take it on. So maybe it's not a strict matter of quantity like I thought.